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Ocwen in the News

“Ocwen Gets Little Credit for Helping Homeowners, Wall Street Report Says”

by George Yacik

This publication discusses a Wall Street analyst report which claims Ocwen may not be getting enough credit from regulators and consumer protection agencies for keeping borrowers in their homes.

National Mortgage Professional Magazine



“Neighborhood Housing Services of New York City Teams Up with Ocwen Financial Corporation to Offer Aid to Struggling Homeowners — Housing Counselors Offer Financial Guidance and Mortgage Solutions”

This press release discusses Neighborhood Housing Services of New York City joining with Ocwen to provide aid and guidance to homeowners and housing counselor.




"Ocwen, Housing Advocates, Regulators Discuss Servicing Issues"

by Amilda Dymi

Ocwen hosted a roundtable to discuss ways to preserve homeownership and assist distressed borrowers in the evolving housing market with representatives from national and community-based housing advocacy groups, the mortgage industry and government and non-government agencies.

National Mortgage News



"Ohio Foreclosure Agency Honors Ocwen CEO"

by Esther Cho

Empowering and Strengthening Ohio's People (ESOP), a HUD-approved foreclosure prevention agency, presented Ocwen CEO Ronald M. Faris with the "Rooted in ESOP" award for Ocwen's efforts in helping homeowners obtain affordable mortgage modifications and for the company's Shared Appreciation Modification Program (SAM).




"Ocwen Shared Appreciation Program Slashes Average Mortgage by $75k+"

by Jon Prior

An article profiling Ocwen's shared appreciation modification program that details the successes it has had in the past year.




"Ohio Ranks Near Top of Underwater Mortgages"

by Olivera Perkins

An article on the recent push among Cleveland-area foreclosure prevention groups for mortgage servicers to adopt principal reduction programs similar to Ocwen's SAM program.

The Plain Dealer



"In Ohio, a fresh approach to help struggling homeowners"

An article describing how Ocwen worked with ESOP (Empowering and Strengthening Ohio's People), a HUD-certified foreclosure-prevention counseling agency, to keep a homeowner in his home by enrolling him in Ocwen's principal reduction modification program.


Read the full article at The Christian Science Monitor.

The Christian Science Monitor



"New approach to helping underwater homeowners"

by Steve Bergsman

A profile article on Ocwen highlighting the successes the company has had with the Shared Appreciation Modification (SAM) program, which allows homeowners to restore equity on their homes.

Inman News



"Ocwen praised for 'bold' mortgage modifications"

by Kimberly Miller

In an address announcing that five million home loans have been modified nationally, HOPE NOW -- an industry-created group that includes loan servicers, investors and housing counselors -- praised Ocwen Financial Corporation's "bold" loan modification programs, including one that lowers the amount owed on an underwater loan.

The Palm Beach Post



"Housing Leaders Congregate to Seek Housing Market Solutions"

Ocwen hosted a roundtable entitled “America’s Housing Crisis: Solutions to the Changing Landscape” where representatives from grassroots and housing advocacy organizations engaged in discussions with officials from the U.S. Department of Treasury, the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC), the Federal Housing Finance Agency (FHFA), Freddie Mac, Fannie Mae and HOPE NOW Alliance.

National Mortgage Professional



"New Mortgage Program Assists Borrowers and Investors"

by Mary Ellen Podmolik

Representatives from Moody's Investor Service discuss the unique features of Ocwen's Shared Appreciation Modication (SAM) program that help it resolve underwater loans in securitizations.

Chicago Tribune



"Hundreds Seek Foreclosure Prevention Help in West Palm Beach: Mortgage Companies and Non-Profits Team Up to Help"

by Liz Flynn

Representatives from Ocwen, including President and CEO Ron Faris, met with customers face-to-face to discuss mortgage modifications and other housing crisis solutions at a HOPE Now event in West Palm Beach..

NBC 5 West Palm Beach (WPTV)



"Ocwen's Novel Mods Could Improve Underwater Loan Resolutions in MBS"

by Bonnie Sinnock

Representatives from Moody's Investor Service discuss the unique features of Ocwen's Shared Appreciation Modication (SAM) program that help it resolve underwater loans in securitizations.

National Mortgage News



"Ocwen Financial Offers a Lifeline to Underwater Borrowers"

by Kenneth R. Harney

Ocwen’s expansion of its Shared Appreciation Modification (SAM) program will encourage eligible homeowners borrowers by allowing them to restore equity in their homes.

The Washington Post



"Focus on Foreclosure"

by Melissa Blasius

NBC Phoenix highlights the potential of Ocwen's Shared Appreciation Modification (SAM) program to help homeowners prevent foreclosure and serve investors.

12 News, NBC Phoenix, Arizona



"Ocwen's Edge"

by Steve Bergsman

A profile on Ocwen that highlights its work with community groups to help homeowners, outstanding HAMP performance and how the company has grown to become a leader in the loan servicing space.

Mortgage Banking Magazine



"In Honor of Our Own"

Jamie Holland, Manager of Community and Regulatory Relations for Ocwen Financial, traveled from West Palm Beach, Florida to honor Inez Killingsworth, ESOP's Founder and Board President. She said “Ron Faris (Ocwen CEO) believes that Inez and the education that she has given him is responsible for making him into a better leader and making Ocwen Financial a better mortgage servicer.”

Empowering and Strengthening Ohio's People (ESOP)



"Foreclosure Is Not an Option"

by David Bornstein

A commentary on how a community organization, Empowering and Strengthening Ohio’s People (ESOP), has worked with mortgage servicers like Ocwen to keep homeowners in their homes.

The New York Times



"Ocwen's HAMP Trials Adhere to 3-Month Timeframe"

by Carrie Bay

Ocwen earns high marks in the U.S. Treasury's HAMP report card.




"Barclays Sells HomEq to Ocwen Loan for $1.3 Bln"

Barclays sells HomEq to Ocwen.




"Ocwen Says HAMP Success Due To Up-Front Doc Collection, Technology"

Ocwen's HAMP success is due, at least partly, to its practice of requiring verified documentation from borrowers before putting them in trial modifications.




"Borrowers Flunking Out of Trial Mortgage Modifications"

by Tami Luhby

Ocwen and HomEq lead the way with 83% of trial modifications converted.



"Banks Try Being Nicer to Troubled Borrowers"

by Kimberly Miller

Ocwen helps connect struggling homeowners with food banks, employment services and other social services.

Miami Herald



"Ocwen Sees Success in Fight Against Foreclosure by Using MKDirect"

by Brittany Dunn

Ocwen has seen marked success in its fight against foreclosure after just three months of using MKDirect.




"Bank of America to Start Reducing Mortgage Principal in Loan Modifications"

by Harriet Johnson Brackey

While Bank of America is the nation's largest lender to systematically reduce principal, it is not the first. Ocwen has been reducing principal before the Obama administration's Making Home Affordable program began.

South Florida Sun-Sentinel



"Modifications coming to the Home Affordable Modification Plan"

by Jean Chatzky

Ocwen is potentially leading the way by modifying the principal when they believe it is necessary.




"Principal reductions will save mortgages, Ocwen chief tells Congress"

by Kimberly Miller

Ocwen President Ron Faris testified to Congress that more principal reductions are needed when troubled home loans are modified.

The Palm Beach Post



"Ocwen Backs Principal Reductions, Mandatory Outsourcing to Improve HAMP"

by Carrie Bay

Ocwen has one of the industry's best track records for modifying loans under HAMP.




"Ocwen Financial President Ron Faris: Trying to make mortgages work"

by Kimberly Miller

Profile of Ron Faris, president of Ocwen Financial Corp.

The Palm Beach Post



"Mods Make Sense"

by Paul A. Koches

Paul A. Koches, Executive Vice President and General Counsel at Ocwen Financial Corp., writes an article in DSnews about why loan modifications are better business for servicers than foreclosures.




"Solving the Mortgage Mess By Modifying Loans - and Borrower Behavior"

by Jean Chatzky

Jean Chatzky looks into the reasons why Ocwen has had great success where others have had minimal luck.




"West Palm Beach's Ocwen Financial Leads in Home Loan Fixes"

by Kimberly Miller

While the Obama administration's foreclosure rescue program is floundering with a minimal number of homeowners winning permanent mortgage relief, Ocwen's success rate is praised even by critics of the federal plan.

The Palm Beach Post



"Gov't eases paperwork for loan help program"

by Alan Zibel

Government officials change paperwork policy, citing Ocwen's success.

Associated Press



"Fixing Sub-Prime Mortgages"

William Erbey, Ocwen's CEO, discusses the company's success in keeping homeowners out of foreclosure by cutting mortgage principal.

CBS News



"Treasury Weighs Fixes to Foreclosures Program"

by Peter S. Goodman

Highlights Treasury report on how Ocwen had turned about 40 percent of its trial modifications into permanent arrangements, more than ten times the rate of the big banks.

The New York Times



"BofA, Citi Among Servicers Least Successful in Turning HAMP Trial Modifications Permanent"

by Zach Fox

Out of all servicers, Ocwen leads in completing HAMP modifications.

SNL Financial



"HAMP Homeowners Stuck in Limbo"

by Alan White

Ocwen has converted 89% of borrowers who were on temporary modifications in August to permanent mods by November.

Public Citzen's Consumer Law & Policy Blog



"One Company Responsible For Nearly Half Of All Permanent Mortgage Modifications"

by Shahien Nasiripour

Almost half of the permanent home loan modifications under the government's plan to help troubled borrowers come from Ocwen, who handles less than three percent of the eligible mortgages.

The Huffington Post



"Ocwen and Housing Advocacy Groups Collaborate on Foreclosure Prevention"

by Carrie Bay

Mortgage servicer Ocwen Financial Corporation convened more than 30 representatives of grassroots and national housing advocacy organizations in Washington D.C. to share success stories, new ideas, and insights related to preventing foreclosures and helping homeowners.




"Modifying Mortgages Can Be Tricky"

by Vikas Bajaj and John Leland

Ocwen was able to cut interest rates and lower payments for a woman living in Miami Gardens, Florida.

The New York Times



"Ocwen Launches Borrower Services Site"

by Austin Kilgore

Ocwen has launced a new Web site to connect mortgage borrowers with community groups and government agencies that provide assistance for distressed homeowners.




"Forestalling Foreclosure"

by Barbara Kiviat

Ocwen has an approach to modifying delinquent loans that could slow the wave of foreclosures undermining the economy.




"Mortgage Servicers Try the Softer Touch"

by Carrick Mollenkamp

Ocwen has hired psychologists to train employees to work with borrowers needing to change the terms of their loans. Ocwen lets distressed customers know they can be among those whose home has been saved.

The Wall Street Journal



"Servicers as Originators"

by Jerry Demuth

The Home Affordable Modication Program (HAMP) has made loan modifications more prevalent, causing servicers to act more like originators.

Mortgage Banking



"380: No Map"

Reporter Chris Arnold visits a foreclosure prevention event to find out the painful truth about the mortgage crisis and how Ocwen has helped borrowers stay in their homes.

NPR Radio – This American Life



"More Homeowners Getting Aid, but Demand Keeps Rising"

by Renae Merle

Ocwen has offered about 35,000 modifications under the Obama administration’s foreclosure prevention plan. The administration’s plan has outperformed the government’s previous attempts.

The Washington Post



"Ocwen Says Completes 45 Percent of Mortgage Modifications"

Ocwen Financial Corp completed 44.6 percent of all of the permanent mortgage modifications done by the industry under the Treasury Department's Home Affordable Modification Program.




"Obama to Test Home Loan Do-Overs: Foreclosure Prevention Effort Starting Wednesday Relies on Modifying Loans Based on Borrowers’ Ability to Pay. Will This Effort Work Where Others Have Failed?"

by Tami Luhby

Ocwen has attained a redefault rate that is less than half the industry average by focusing on affordability.



"Former HUD Asst. Secretary Joins Ocwen"

by Carrie Bay

Steven B. Nesmith has joined Ocwen as Senior Vice President and Assistant General Counsel for Strategic and Government Initiatives.




"Ocwen, Seeking Volume, Explores FHA Servicing Buy"

by Kate Berry

Ocwen intends to purchase servicing rights for Federal Housing Administration loans. FHA borrowers tend to be more at-risk, and Ocwen believes its customized approach can help.

American Banker



"Tarentum Man Close to Saving Property"

Ocwen steps up to help landowner in Tarentum, Pennsylvania, save his property from foreclosure.




"Freddie Looks to Third-Party Servicers"

by Paul Jackson

Ocwen will deploy teams of specially trained counselors to handle Freddie Mac’s delinquent high risk mortgages to minimize telephone wait times, put borrowers in touch with live counselors faster and ensure faster implementation of the latest Freddie Mac foreclosure reduction policies.




"RPT-Freddie Mac Hires Servicers for High-Risk Mortgages"

by Al Yoon

Freddie Mac hired Ocwen to work on modifying a portfolio of loans that are at least sixty days delinquent.




"Freddie Mac Launches Plan for High-Risk Loans"

by Tireney Plumb

Freddie Mac chooses Ocwen to be a servicer for its pilot program to handle high-risk loans more effectively and allow more at-risk borrowers to stay in their homes.

Washington Business Journal



"Freddie Mac Plans New Troubled Loan Strategy"

Freddie Mac has selected Ocwen to help run the Obama administrations pilot program to keep at-risk borrowers in their homes.

Associated Press



"Freddie Mac Launches Aid for High-Risk Loans"

by Renae Merle

Freddie Mac announced a pilot program on February 3, 2009, targeting 5,000 delinquent borrowers who have high-risk mortgages. Ocwen has been hired to assist with the program.

The Washington Post



"Ocwen Boasts Loan Mod Success in Transition"

by Geremy Bass

Ocwen has achieved more success with loan modifications than the industry-wide average, according to the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency. The success is largely due to Ocwen’s investment in technology and customized approach.

Inside Mortgage Finance



"Facing Foreclosure, Finding Solutions"

by Holden Lewis

Ocwen explains steps distressed homeowners can take to avoid foreclosure and how Ocwen trains its employees to help customers stay in their homes.



"The blessing of shared appreciation."

An extensive look at shared appreciation modifications citing Ocwen's success using principal reductions to help underwater families stay in their homes.